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As much as they liked the Land of Oz, Dorothy's new friends were impressed with how much she said she loved and missed Kansas.

A real estate agent suddenly appeared and said she would be happy to take the whole crew on a tour... "just to see if you might like it."

After the heel-clicking and magical transport to Kansas, all four of them (plus the agent and Toto the dog) spent an entire day looking at houses. The agent knew the visits were beginning to get tiring, so she stopped by an ice cream shop to treat her potential clients. They grabbed up the cones and commenced to licking, fast and furiously.

The Lion stops licking his cone, yelling, "Ouch!" and gripping his temples.

The Tinman stops licking his cone, yelling, "Ouch!" and gripping his temples.

Dorothy stops licking her cone, yelling, "Ouch!" and gripping her temples.

The Scarecrow says, "What's the matter with you guys?"

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