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Some of us have read Sun Tzu's The Art of War. We might enjoy the military strategies. We might embrace many of its philosophies. And for the business man or woman, some of us cite it for its examples of tactics we might apply in our transactions. It makes us sound wise. The 13 chapters on warfare are insightful indeed, and if we can master them, we will have an advantage over our opponents, we're promised.

But much of the discussion about negotiation is not always about the certainty of winners and losers. According to our master negotiator featured in this month's edition, a sustainable business negotiation is hardly a battle where your goal is to crush your opponent. But neither is it an effort to pursue a "win-win" scenario (which he says, is in reality, each party giving up a little).

Whether you take your advice from the 5th Century BC, or the next promising consultant; there is no shortage of advice on the ability to negotiate with success. We made sure the one we invited had credentials, but more importantly, was highly regarded by individuals and companies in our own region.

We hope you enjoy the meeting.

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