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Are you living in the same town where you attended college? Then you know what this month's FRONTcover story is all about. If not, can you imagine where you might be and what you might be doing if you were living right now in the town where you went to college or trade school or military training or other pursuit right out of high school?

These strange new places that kids visit for the first time when leaving home can often become a very strong magnet. And many times, a young person has no intention whatsoever of settling in the very place he goes to explore and move into his new adult state in life.

But that's how it happens. All the time.

In this edition of FRONT, we show five examples. Five "towns" that now claim far more than five new residents, simply because of the college draw.

We gave the story a space exploration feel. It might seem a bit out of this world.

But that's how it feels. A lot of the time.

Remember, we cover all FRONTs in every issue!
The FRONTcover story is an additional exploration
along with our ongoing coverage.

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