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"Mom," says little Joey, "when I grow up I'm going to be a musician!"

"That's nice honey," she replies. "But you know you can't do both."

And there you have it. Some folks regard music and the people who engage in it as a trivial enterprise. Something for fun. A hobby. A sideline thing to do, after your real job.

But there are adults making music. For real: grownups! And the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra is about the finest example of a serious venture requiring talent and skill and work and commitment that's as driven as any you'll find in the grittiest of factories.

It's also all so very business-like.

Take a seat. And listen to our Culture FRONT story on the RSO's director David Stewart Wiley and his celebration of a 20th anniversary. We're pretty sure it's a milestone only a grownup could get.
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