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With every Tom, Dick, and Harriet shooting and posting videos with their cell phones and such on YouTube and embedded in Facebook, on top of major motion pictures being recorded on low cost equipment that anybody can get and operate, you'd think there's nothing that special about the business. Think again. Actually, now that anybody can "produce a film" (a phrase using an old term, but still used today) the demand for professionalism is even stronger. In fact, the professionals are stepping up their game even more, as the threat of "citizen videographers" encroaches on their once insular and reserved territory. Video is big business, and that includes the amateur sector, which is the fastest growing part. Fortunately, we don't have to rely on Uncle Jack or Cousin Timmy for serious projects in our region. Quality production with award-winning results is just around the corner. We show you six of them today. Western Virginia has proven it competes with the best.

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